Choosing a Perch and Sticking To It

Some dragonfly species are extremely territorial. In my excursions to my favorite local dragonfly pond, I have noticed that the red skimmers indigenous to Southern California always come back to the same perch. They are adorable to watch – they take off, hunt and then fly right back to the exact same reed of grass or cattail stem, then a few seconds later (literally) they are off hunting (or mating) again, then back again to that same perch.

So I was thinking about how this applies to my life. In the last two weeks, I have put out a dizzying six posts. There’s been so much going on, but I realize this is a bit much for people to take in on a regular basis.

So from now on, I will try to stick to a schedule of posting every Sunday, with any major updates limited to one additional one during the week if I do something major on the website, Patreon or Discord.

I will also post any new story updates on Saturday – for reasons being it is the day ascribed to Saturn, who also presides over death – a very strong theme in my stories, as well as death having ties to transformation and rebirth in the lore of dragonflies.

So that’s my plan. And with that now said, here’s what I’ve been up to this past week;

buzzwords written in this lifetime by Nocte Libri

This new little box on the home page will be updated, probably once a week, with a current tally of how many words I’ve written. I call then “buzzwords” because dragonflies are bugs and people usually associate “buzzing” with bugs. My husband, being more enlightened about the nature of dragonflies than any other non-etymologist on the planet (due to being around me all the time I talk about dragonflies), pointed out that, 1. “buzzwords” means “keywords”, and 2. dragonflies don’t buzz. While I love him, I kindly pointed out that most people don’t know that dragonflies don’t “buzz” and that they do in my world. 

As for the observation about buzzwords meaning something else, over on the Hail King Sombra website where I put strictly my King Sombra/MLP fiction, I used to call the tally “horsewords”, so there!

Many of the projects I started this week are in the last post entitled, “Major Updates All Around” posted just four days ago. You can catch up with what I started there. Of the things listed, I finished up the edits to the 21 chapters of The King of El Dorado King Sombra story and fixed all the outstanding discrepancies. What is also new is that one of our resident Patrons/artists, PixelSpark, is considering doing the cover for the story and that is majorly exciting for both Blue Heart and myself!

Since I was so busy with other things, the arrival of “Doctor Who Podcast Day” took me by complete surprise. A reminder that the Second Geekhood project, “Corsair’s Closet” – a podcast I had done with my husband and adpoted FanBrat daughter, was badly in need of rebuilding, I stopped everything I was doing for the next 8 hours to relocate & rebuild the website in time for the momentus day. It was done just in time. There are still many podcast links on the website that need redoing, but there are quite a few active, including our very first and very last podcast in a fun, non-stop fannish weekly weave of insanty that ran 3 glorious years! For now you can visit it at its temporary home at Corsair’s Closet. One day I hope to complete the project.

And yet again, my goal of doing a progress video this week got hijacked when SciFi Radio announced their Frosty Fund raiser for over on yesterday. I dropped everything to make a video encouraging people to head over there at 12:00 noon Pacific Time to attend and throw money their way. The good news is that it helped make up the defecit Patreon left them with because they switched processing banks and easily half of SciFi’s patron’s banks rejected the debit requests because they didn’t recognize the foreign bank. I was happy to help out considering they also help us pay the bills around here and because they are generally really nice people!

And so the writing continues, occasionally disturbed when I have to eat or sleep. Well…if I have to…

)O( Luna