The Whocate Project

dragonfly goddess“That Which You Believe Becomes Your World”

The Whocate Project is about celebrating myself as I truly am. Just before my 50th birthday, I realized now more than ever that what I have been writing about off-and-on since 2000 is about me on many levels.

It started out as an online role-playing game with a dear friend in Canada. We RP’d for about 4 years, then as happens in life, we wrote less and less, saw each other less and less online and eventually went our separate ways. I didn’t realize at the time something important beyond writing was happening, taking shape, showing me my inner world and yet was a reflection of it in the real world. As we stopped writing and real life swallowed up my time and attention, I forgot the essence of the magic in those stories. That what they were trying to tell me is what I really and truly am.

Capricorns sometimes take forever to learn their life lessons, a few of which are to be true to your inner self, be happy with who you are and finding your bliss. My sign fits me to a tee, it seems, as now, at the half-century mark, I am finally coming into alignment with who and what I am and can potentially be.

So who is Whocate? While her name is the aspect of the Goddess Hekate, she is so much more in this sacred aspect. For me, she has been my inner developing world, a creative force, a reflection of my inner self in the physical world around me. I see her and influences of her every time I hold a dragonfly, pluck the strings of a harp, meditate and look up into an evening sky at the moon in any of her phases.  She is what I learned is my potential, the results of my inner world reflecting into the real world through studying it in the pages of books such as Mind Magic, How to Master Life and Magical Use of Thought Forms.

She is me. And though her story and mine are not done yet, this is where we have been, where we are now and where we are going…