Public Readings

2020 – Current status on public readings – as we all know too well by now, most of the country is either in a lockdown state or a state of fear induced by COVID-19. All my venues scheduled for 2020 have been delayed until at least 2021.

In light of this, I have begun creating YouTube readings of my free teaser chapters of the Dragonfly Temple Chronicles. The first one – A Lost Heart –  released last month (August 2020) can be viewed here.

2019 – Loscon 46 – the first Public eBook Reading – I want to thank our fannish friends for supporting my first public reading of chapters from The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles. Kathy, Dave, Jessica, Sheri and Liz – you mean the world to me! Dennis and I were so tickled to have you with us and we had a wonderful time both days.