The Children of Whocate

Southern Migrant Hawker Photo by March Heath Wildlife Photography
Southern Migrant Hawker Photo by March Heath Wildlife Photography (reprinted with permission)

Dragonflies are amazing creatures. They live the majority of their life in a pond, satisfying their voracious appetite for mosquito larvae, and then when they mature, they become a creature of air and breathtaking beauty. Sadly, it lasts only long enough to mate, lay eggs if they are a female, then die.

With such a short lifespan, we are lucky and privileged to catch a fleeting glimpse of them, much like the strange and amazing people we share this planet with. These I call, “the Children of Whocate” (pronounced ‘Who-kah-tay’). And like dragonflies, though they don’t know it, their lives are very similar to these flying jewels. They, like others, live a relatively short life compared with the life of the planet. They may spend some of their lives trying to fit in, be “normal” (whatever that is), until one day, they realize something that changes not only their outside appearance, but allows them to fully bloom into someone amazing.

When they have this epiphany, everything for them changes. Like surrendering to death, they are transformed by the experience and enter a world where they are truly themselves and where others react to them differently.

This website is dedicated to the Goddess who loves them and with me, celebrates their “flight” amongst the rest of humanity.

)O( Luna