Where Do I Begin?

That’s a great question – especially since the sum total planned for this series is seven books big as of this writing.

Each chapter has more after it to follow when you pledge your support on Patreon. Don’t worry, I don’t leave you hanging…well, not too much anyway.

Because of the nature of how my inspirations work – which can be seemingly random and certainly not always linear, I have chosen chapters that give you a taste of the different main characters from two books – one of the earlier written and a newer one, both quite important books in shaping the story thus far.

The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles at its heart, is the story of Whocate – the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. She is a divinity with a mission and to fulfill that mission, she takes on human form to bestow the ultimate gift upon humankind – the secret of what happens to us when we die.

And within the free chapters available here for reading are:

The Cursed of House Whoticore which gives you an introduction to the most nefarious Head of House Whoticore – Lord Loki. Think of him as the Godfather – and insane – and gifted with an unearthly charisma and the ability to charm and seduce any female he takes a fancy to.

Who could stand against such a power? How about Lady Serena Solare – a healer born to Whocate’s other beloved House – House Solare. Can anyone tame a male that has everything, can do anything he pleases and is basically unstoppable? Find out if she is successful – and at what cost.

You also meet Loki’s sons – Erik and Narik Whoticore. They are as opposite in personality to their father as a child could be, but that will not save them from the curse of being born into their bloodline. Neither will it bring their own children a future as the bloodline stops with them.

The Chosen of House Whoticore delves deeper into these sons and their children – the very last of their bloodline. To say these grandchildren of Loki do not get along with each other is the understatement of the century in the case of two cousins – Holic and Glen Whoticore. Their territoriality will extend far into their adulthood, complicating their already wretched existences when their relatives from House Solare come into their lives.

A Lost Heart takes a peek into the lives of two followers of Whocate – Zach Frack and Dawn Everbright. Dawn is on the path to becoming the new priestess of the Dragonfly Temple, but her soul has served Whocate through earlier lives. And Zach has come to realize he too has ancient ties to the Goddess of Death. While both are blessed to be on their path, it also makes them targets for those who would do anything to silence them and punish the divine being they serve through making her Children suffer.

The Flight to Westwind is the escape of Artemis Whoticore from under the cruel reign of his father, Glen. After enduring many intense years of verbal, physical and mental abuse by the man known as his father, Artemis flees Mountainville with his family’s portion of their sacred grimoire – the only key he has to the whereabouts of the only people on the planet that can offer him sanctuary and healing, his cousins, the Solares.

Hopefully this will help you get a taste of this world. There are many different characters and the odds are you will find, one if not more, that will catch your interest.

And such powerful beings are not without their own equally powerful enemies – one that defies time and death Herself to get what he desperately desires. And what does such a mere mortal have that he can use to bargain the lives of his deceased family with? What worse-than-death price will he pay to find out?

There are many caught in the middle of such power struggles – as investigator Pippi Ellis learned 10,000 years ago and is about to learn once again. Can she stop a repeat of the disaster that wiped out an entire province of millions of people? Who better qualified to than the one who not only was there when it happened, but was one of the ones that caused it?

Welcome to this rich and diverse world of Love and Loyalty, Mysteries and Persecution…
…and of course, Death and Dragonfiles…

Welcome to The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles.