The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles

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There is a world out there where the cities nestle between the spokes of a vast mountain range, its fingers stretching out from ocean-to-ocean. They divide the townships between them, keeping them separate, keeping them safe…from each other.

At the center of this clock-like wheel lies Westwind – a breathtakingly beautiful yet haunted forest once home to the crown jewel of pagan temples 81 generations ago. The Temple is gone, but the magic there still lives, waiting for its Goddess to return once again.

The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles are about a family divided – the Whoticores lost the healing arts and the Solares lost the magickal arts. Their ancestress Whocate was about both and this is why the entire bloodline suffers. Time has run out as the predicted last children of both Houses have been born, but they will receive the Goddess’s direct help in their redemption – unless those who destroyed them long ago succeed once again in their insane quest to rid the entire region of all who worship her – Whocate, the Goddess of Death.

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I have been many things in life – cube farm denizen (office worker), caregiver, done data entry and even slung pizzas – but I have ALWAYS returned to writing no matter where I was or what I was doing. After exploring the worlds of Death and Pagan Goddesses, Mythology and My Little Pony fan fiction, I am currently coming full circle, returning to a long story arc focusing on a family genetically cursed by magick and madness for 81 generations, now on the verge of dying out. This series, The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles, is my mission, my passion.

Through your generous contributions of a buck a month (or more), you can help me set aside the time to bring this amazing tale to our world and you will get to see it ahead of everyone else!

I am currently holding down three jobs to keep our heads above water. Recent blows to our finances (two root canals I DESPERATELY need and postural chiropractic treatments & neck traction I am currently undergoing to keep me out of disability and a wheelchair) have threatened to stop my writing all together.

Despite it all, I REFUSE to let it put off finishing this writing legacy any longer. I am determined to finish this story and bring it to the world at last, leaving it for Whocate’s Children when I cross that Great Divide to rejoin Whocate, the Goddess of Death and Rebirth.

Her story and her family’s story WILL BE TOLD and brought to the world with your help.


)O( Luna Whoticore