Maybe the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

Meditation this morning started off interesting. If you’ve already read my good experience with Robert Seutter the science fiction author, mythology specialist and celtic storyteller, you already know I had a nice night off from my stress-out fest. And if you read further, you also know I woke up with a case of the “Dragonfly Whispers” this morning that gave me a gentle reminder to work on a project idea I had received from a friend back in December.

When we listen to those outside of ourselves, we have a choice to either take their advice or not. Sometimes the most important advice-giver is the Universe itself. I read a fascinating book a few years back called, “Signs” (no affiliation with the movie) that made me ever vigilant for “signs” the Universe gives us in answer to our properly phrased questions. I believe I got one this morning as I went to meditate.

When our roommate moved out a month ago, I at once commandeered his room to set it up as my special space – a meditation room. I like to go in there, put on a special album of music that promotes quiet, calm and meditation. I also have three triple-wicked candles I usually light during the opening song.

There is one candle, the one under the window next to my BOS that has a wick that never lights. I have tried and tried and tried to get it to light, but it doesn’t any more. Maybe it has too much wax around it, maybe the wick is damaged, but as our impending move drew closer and I got more stressed, it burned lower and lower and finally stopped lighting at all.

I always try, it wouldn’t work, but guess what? This morning it light. And not only did it light, but it burned as tall as the other flames next to it!

Is it a true sign? Who knows. The Universe isn’t telling. But, as I always say, That Which You Believe Becomes Your World. If I want it to be a sign, a good sign, a sign of hope, then yes it is.

And who is to tell me differently?