A Day of Healing Metaphysical & Artisan Faire IS STILL ON

According to the founder & organizer, Anahit, the Day of Healing Metaphysical & Artisan Faire is still going to be held Sunday, March 29th. I am on record for supporting her and the venue 100%. I applaud her for going forward with an event that is BADLY needed to counterbalance the tide of irrational fear that is so prevalent right now.

My Take on the current atmosphere of fear

While it is most likely prudent to cancel large gatherings of people to slow the spread of COVID-19, I am finding the irrational reaction of the general public of hoarding toilet paper, water, bleach and food to be a pathetic, knee-jerk reaction by emotionally-driven, selfish people who don’t give a damn about who they hurt in their mindless rush to stockpile more toilet paper than they’ll need in a year. I have no patience nor sympathy for these types of cowards. They should be forced to pay a fine and give back the excess they are hoarding and not get any refunds for it. It is the DISGUSTING behavior of ANIMALS.

Why I feel this way

I have made a commitment to my writing that will not be sidetracked by ANYTHING that would threaten to get in the way and that includes FEAR. As a famous book & movie once stated, “Fear is the mind-killer, fear is the little death”. I was put here on earth in this physical existence to be a storyteller. Doing what we love and are meant to do boosts our immune system, keeps up happy and strong, even in the face of other’s mindless fears. Staying informed and having the facts instead of reacting to the media and friend’s opinions and fears builds the foundation for a calm that cannot be easily shaken.

Get the facts. This viral outbreak is and will be proven as time goes to by be FAR LESS of a threat than the knee-jerk, ratings-building media would have you believe.

Continue to do what you love and were put here to do – whatever that may be. It is a work that will be of far more benefit than hanging around on social media, spreading memes and more concern and panic. Trust that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, this too shall pass. Maybe not in the way we expect, but the one thing constant in the universe is CHANGE and we must be informed and flexible enough to change with the circumstances, yet stand firm and fast in the foundations of our faith and belief that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.


)O( Luna Whoticore
High Priestess of the
Dragonfly Temple of Whocate