Writing begins to mirror the real world, part one – Cosplay Complete

My Whocate cosplay is complete – for now. I eventually want to add something else to it – a special something that’s a secret for now, but for the purposes of the appearance at Loscon 47, it is good to go.


The sclera contact lenses really make the look. I was SO EXCITED when they arrived a month ago, I could hardly wait to try them out. But considering their relatively short lifespan, I wanted to wait until the last minute to actually open up the vials and start practicing with getting my eyes comfortable with them. It’s been a lot of years since I wore contacts – and those were only little, normal sized ones. These ones are LARGE!

The rest of the costume is piecemealed from a few other projects. The highlights are:

Headdress – created this years ago when I ran across some beautiful copper beadwork pieces. The large vintage dragonfly centerpiece in the back was the inspiration for the design. The front crescent moons were all originally gold-plated. I found a copper finish paint at a bead and design show to adjust the color. The leaves, chain & small dragonflies are all their original copper color. It’s easy to store – it rests perfectly on our living room lampshade, LMAO.

Bodice – I hired a local expert in corsetry (again, years ago) and assisted her in making this beautiful piece from fabrics I fell in love with. It took a total of 16 hours to make, but was totally worth it!

Cloak – I’ve had it so many years I can’t remember where I bought it. It is my everyday cloak I wear around town. I always get compliments when people see it. There’s no better feel than when someone tells you they like/admire/love your cloak, believe me XD

For those going to Loscon, I will not be wearing it while we are doing the Blood Drive Saturday morning and afternoon, but after that – and parts of Friday & Sunday, you might just get to see the Goddess of Death’s physical aspectation, if you are one of her Children, that is XD