Updates and Changes to Patreon Tiers

Hello and welcome back to the Temple of Whocate. 

By now you may have noticed a couple of little changes and/or emails that may or may not have made sense. Here’s what’s been updated so far;

  1. I have updated the names for the Patreon Tiers. The dollar amounts are exactly the same, so don’t worry about any change to your monthly contributions to me staying sane in the land of ever-changing insanity that is the Cherry household.
  2. Only one person has changed tiers. I upgraded her so she can qualify for access to the stories I’ve written so far. You may or may not see an email on this. No worries if you don’t.
  3. I removed the exclusive access to custom, handmade story-themed jewelry from the Dragonfly Priestess tier (which is now the “Ascension” tier). No one expressed any interest and I now realize that as I expand my writing to include finishing up my MLP stories and focus more on writing for my patrons, it no longer made sense to offer it. And as I get busier, I won’t have time to make and ship them, so no one will miss their offering – least of all me!

As I continue whipping everything into shape and working with my new Top Tier patron Blue Heart, I will be more specific about Ascension Tier and that will make future members very happy when they see what I have planned for them. I will leave that to another update, again to follow soonish on the heels of this one – along with some great news about advances in my writing career that now qualify me as a bona fide professional writer. 

Stay tuned and –


)O( Luna Solare-Whoticore

High Priestess of the Dragonfly Temple of Whocate