A High Priestess’s Wisdom

What I have learned being a MoonWitch and a Pagan.

1. Your light must shine! If one cannot be or be allowed to be, theirselves, they will never achieve their full potential or their purpose in life and in service to their God(s)/Goddess(es).

2. Fear Leads to Anger, Anger Leads to Hate, Hate Leads to Suffering. Observe those around you and your own reactions, and if you have Whocate’s Wisdom, you will understand what is meant by this. Apply what you learn and you will be spared much needless suffering on your Path.

3. Doing what you love will come easily and naturally if you let it. I learned this the hard way after being in dead-end corporate jobs for 24 years. It was only when others said I was a natural for my new vocation and I embraced it fully and with all my heart and soul, that I saw there really is an abundance of work for those born to the jobs they are naturally drawn to in life.