Coffee. It is strange that the plant I hate most in this material world is the one I start off this series about. That is because I had a request for a natural remedy for asthma and this is the one plant I actually have experience with in that regard.

There are few things more terrifying than the inability to breath – except when you are watching your beloved suffering with this potentially life-threatening ailment. I turned to Heinerman’s encyclopedia and found that the one thing Dennis and I had in common that we hate most in this world – coffee -was supposed to be very effective at relieving asthma. Scared and desperate, he agreed to give it a try.

Raiding our roommates stash of coffee (with their permission), we followed Heinerman’s instructs to give this to Dennis black – no creamer, sugar or other additives. To our great relief, it worked quickly and he had no further breathing trouble the rest of the night.

The instructions are to slowly sip this through a straw.

The nice thing about this remedy is that it can also be used for breathing problems caused by things other than a cold. The author tried this remedy when he was working on his family’s ranch in Southern Utah and his lungs became choked full of dust.  In that instance, he heated up some water and stirred in two tablespoons of instant coffee and drank it hot and black.  He had no further trouble for the rest of the night.