Sunbug Sunday Updates 8/20/23

Hello all. Here’s what’s been happening for the week of August 13th – 19th;

Big Announcements!

  • I’ve been confirmed to once again bring my readings to the attendees of Loscon on the Saturday November 25th evening panel block this year for Loscon 49. Read the full announcement here.

Discord & Patreon Content


Nocte Libri's Anisopteras Timeline - vertical


Look for a new public post on Patreon called, The Anisoptera Timeline. It’s an important one for my Dragonfly Temple Chronicles stories followers. With this you will get a sense of what books happen where in the timeline. Also, there is a sacred secret hidden within the timeline graphic, the first of many that will reveal much about Whocate’s hidden knowledge that only the Her Children know of and undertand. Keep track of these as there will be clues to their revelations later on and I have ideas for special perks down the line as more chapters are done and made available.



A brand new channel has been added to the Second Geekhood Star Trek category. I’ll be filling it as well as all the other categories and channels across the Nocte Libri server with more content as the days go on. I drop stuff in as I run across it on social media as well as pull from an accumulation of decades of hoarded saved goodies over the years.

Writings Updates

I’ve updated the (buzz)word count to include this week’s numbers. They are:

(Anisoptera universe only);
Year 5 (2023) 30,463 words / 1 day, 7 hours, 58 minutes

And for the week of Aug. 13th – 19th – 658 words / 3 hours, 44 minutes


Plainsville - The Dead World: a Nocte Libri eBook series in Anisoptera: The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles

I’ve gotten the bug this week to review and work on the Plainsville Arc in Book IV. Return of the Butcher. It’s a great place to pick back up since there’s four chapters already done and an extensive story notes document of 9,272 words. Because they’re reviews of existing chapters, the word count is small so far, but once I get into new chapters, you’ll see the word count jump significantly.

The creation of a shared gDoc directory means now Patrons can view all five years of my timesheet’d work on the Dragonfly Temple Chronicles. The link is available to Patrons on Patreon.

The King of El Dorado

King of El Dorado cover 1
(cover not final)

The full review of Chapters 1 – 22 are done. So are the minor corrections to events and the timeline. The transformation scene is DONE! Next – finalizing a cover artist & uploading to my writing profile Hail King Sombra on

Website Work

  • Logging In – updates knocked out the website’s membership login area. Fixed it.
  • Retinted the website pages so they are more readable now.
  • Discord – always a work-in-progress. Minor tweaking of categories and role permissions.

That’s all for now. Man, what a busy week! Hope to do more writing this week. See you next Sunday.