Sunbug Sunday Updates 9/3/23

Hello all. Here’s what’s been happening for the week of August 27th – September 2nd;


I am having surgery this coming Friday, September 8th. They say it’s going to be an outpatient procedure barring any complications. Since I’ve been so active every day since I’ve jumped back into writing, I just wanted to let people know I won’t be around that day and hopefully will be back by the 9th. Send good thoughts my way, please. I’m using the incentive that I want to get back to writing ASAP to get me through the nervousness of going in and getting this done. 

That Which You Believe of whocate

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The chapter “Rebirth” has been published. It’s the first new content I’ve posted in a long time and the name is appropriate because of that. It had its own birth May 31st – almost four weeks after my client Frank had his bypass surgery and was a new, higher level of artistic, creative writing possible after weeks of detoxifying from stress and everyday living. It showed me what I am capable of and that the Universe was giving me a signal that it was time to prepare for a new stage in my life where getting back to writing would be quickly taking center stage. In conjunction with it’s release, I created a new graphic that has become its own, powerful branding signifying both the story and my own “Rebirth” – and damn, if it turned out gorgeous!

Writings Updates

The (buzz)word count has been updated. This week’s numbers are:
2,198 words / 3 hours, 5 minutes. (Both the Anisoptera & King Sombra Universes are now included in the total number.

For, I wrote these this week:

Review of the movie Blue Beetle by Nocte Libri

Movie Review | Blue Beetle

Review of the Netflix Live Action Series One Piece by Nocte Libri

One Piece LIve Action Netflix Series | Final Trailer – with the Series being reviewed Sunday, 9/2.