Sunbug Sunday Updates 8/27/23 (it’s actually Tuesday now)

Hi again. Here’s what’s been happening for the week of August 20th – 26th;

Big Announcement update

Created a new flyer for the chapter readings at Loscon 49 & circulated throughout our Facebook pages.

Writings Updates

I also went on a field trip to CSUN to shoot some footage at the dragonfly pond.

Website Work

  • Released the Book VI chapter, “The Flight to Westwind” to the general public as a free preview chapter.
  • Retinted the backgrounds on the balance of the posted story chapters on the website so they are all more readable now.
  • Updated categories to match new tiers I implemented a week ago (better late than never).
  • Recoded all premium content to open on the renamed patreon tier levels. Realizing at this point that if the WordPress plugin ever goes out of business, I would have to reconfigure this for every post, my near-in-the-future plan now is to include all chapters of a book that are in the correct, sequential order into one file.