Sunbug Sunday Update – 11/5/23

Hello all. These updates are for the week of September 2nd – September 9th. They got lost in the post-recovery period from my surgery. Next week’s update will be more recent concerning hopefully the release of more story material and Loscon.

Discord & Patreon Content

Something I forgot to mention is that I went to CSUN and reshot some video of the waterfall at the Orange Grove. Unfortunately water behaves very strangely when being videotaped and needs to be shot at much slower shutter speeds than other objects otherwise it looks extremely pixilated and blobby in mid air. Go figure. I did some heavy research on this and will be taking my Dragonfly husband with me to try again, hopefully in the next couple of weekends before Loscon. If it turns out better this time, I’m going to put it up as a Patreon member exclusive as a thank you to my patrons for supporting me.

Writings Updates

The (buzz)word count hasn’t  been updated for this week yet. Too many things I am cramming in to my late Sunday afternoon to get to it. It might have to wait until after Loscon at this rate, which will mean the beginning of December.

I have, however, opened up a brand new chapter to my patrons. It introduces two very important characters – my main antagonist villain, Dr. M’Orbd McLaren and his new assistant, Dr. Pippetia Sille. You have a choice of two places to read it.

To read it here on the website, be sure you are logged in first, then go here.

To see it on Patreon, go here.

I would love to know your thoughts on them, so please feel free to leave comments on either link.

For, I wrote two new SciFi articles (one was the week before and I forgot to add it to the last update):

Clearspace-1 Junk Collector Hit by Space Junk review by Nocte Libri

Clearspace-1 Junk Collector Target Hit by Junk…in Space

One Piece Live Netflix Live Action series

One Piece Live Netflix Live Action series review