Stir crazy at home? Catch up on the series for a BUCK!

Are you going stir-crazy at home because of the recent lockdown due to the COVID-19 situation? Wish you had more to read? For those not yet patrons of the Dragonfly Temple Chronicles, I want to help you stay sane in the only way at my disposal – by offering you limited access to the eBook chapters I’ve written so far in the Dragonfly Temple Chronicle series.

This idea had been rolling around in my thoughts for only a day when my sister called and we talked much longer than we usually do on the phone. It occurred to me after we hung up that she, like so many others caught up in the net of mandatory isolation, are looking for ways to keep busy, keep engaged and keep entertained.

I thought long and hard about this for several days. How could I make this fair to my existing patrons who pledged at the $5.00 and above level for the privilege of reading these chronicles, yet introduce new readers to the same exciting series that would ease their isolation? The solution came almost immediately, but I gave it a few days consideration and ran the idea past my writing confidante (the husband) and my sister and they both agreed it was fair – by making this a LIMITED OFFER good for the duration of the U.S. mandated COVID-19 Safe at Home emergency.

So here’s how it works; ONE DOLLAR will get you access to all the eBook chapters I’ve written so in the Dragonfly Temple Chronicle series until such time as life returns to normal and the COVID emergency has been suspended IN THE UNITED STATES.

At that time, your pledge will REVERT to the basic monthly Thank You level where you will get a shout-out on all Nocte Libri’s social media and notices of all our activities as they happen. If at that time you like what you have read enough to continue, you are more than welcome to upgrade to the $5.00 level but are in no way obligated to. You can also cancel your pledge after the first month’s $1.00 has been withdrawn if you no longer wish to support our writing efforts.

As well as getting access to our chronicles, all existing patrons that get us a mailing address will get an exclusive sticker of our eBook’s beautiful dragonfly moon logo. These are beautiful, full-color stickers that were made for our in-person eBook readings last year at Loscon and for the Metaphysical Healing Faire that was canceled at the end of this month due to the COVID emergency. I am very grateful for the opportunity to get these pretty little dragonflies out into the world and into the hands of those that would give them a good home!

So, if you have a spare dollar burning a hole in your pocket, itching to get out there and support a struggling writer, I humbly ask you to consider giving us a trial run and immersing yourself in a fascinating world of pagan fantasy the likes of which you’ve never seen before.


)O( Luna