Using Your Astrocal Diary or Other Lunar Planner

When I posted my video review of the Astrocal 2020 Moon Diary on PaganSpace, someone asked a question that got me thinking. The question was, “what is the best way to use a lunar planner?”.  It’s an excellent question, one that gave me the opportunity to really look at its practicality and where and how I can personally utilize this beautiful reference guide.

I have found it’s best to sit down with it ahead of time, looking over the coming week’s Moon Phase(s), Planetary Aspects and the moon’s Void of Course times. When one wants to plan the best times to plant, go to the dentist and do business transactions, looking ahead to the next week or even month will give you an idea of when best to carry out these tasks.

Since it’s a complex solar system, with all its parts moving all the time, there are many other planetary factors the Diary keeps track of – Retrogrades, Eclipses, Seasonal changes. Even still, the predictions for the year based on the five slowest moving planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune influence world events and humanity as a whole over the course of decades, even hundreds of years. A quick, two-page summary of the latter will save you the pain of doing in-depth research and hours of watching and searching YouTube for videos by astrologers. Or compare its information to your favorite astrologer’s predictions and see if they complement each other and bring further insights to light by which you can better plan your activities and worship around.

Of particular interest in this year’s Astrocal edition, I found this paragraph in the “Year Ahead 2020” page 6, to be particularly relevant to the recent Covid-19 worldwide lockdown stay-in-place situation. Take a look for yourself:

Astrocal 2020 Year Ahead

Does “security and survival needs predominating” ring a bell? How about “deadlines” and “control” imposed and exerted? “Economic speculation” and “existing infrastructures” in “international travel” have definitely trembled and continue to do so. Laws being questioned? Absolutely as the lockdown situation in the United States and the U.K. drag on, spurring rebellion as people tire of “sheltering in place”, watching their economic security crumble away into nothing.

Besides this chilling prediction (or insight) into current events, the Lunarian Diary also offers much in the way of both planetary and Wheel of the Year knowledge that is best sat down with during this time of sheltering to read and digest fully by both those new to their Craft and experienced “old-timers”.

What do you think? What does your own lunar reference guide(s) tell you? How do you best utilize them? Please let us know.


)O( Luna