The Temple is Ready!

Hello all. Silence in the Dragonfly Temple as of late has been because I’ve been working overtime behind the scenes and tonight, at last, the Temple is ready! The website now contains all the free story teaser previews, a blog and an area with exclusive, never-before-seen chapters for my Patreon supporters.

You can follow me for free and get updates on the story’s progress, but if you want more content, consider supporting us there for a small, monthly contribution. 

Here’s what you get if you contribute more;

$1.00 – The Seeker Tier – you’ll get a BIG thank you on the website, our Discord server, Nocte Libri, out two Facebook fan pages, Patreon and Twitter. Even a dollar, when given by so many people, will help get this amazing series into the world sooner rather than later and it will only cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks!

$5.00 – Karmic Memories Tier –
• Thank yous & Shout Outs, plus;
• You will get much more detail in the chapters I’ve published so far. I’ll flesh out the entire story surrounding the published free teaser scenes and you can read them before the eBooks are published.
• Early access to teasers, full chapters and eBooks ahead of the general public.
• Temple Learnings, links to positive affirmations material, audio & video breakdowns of how and why they work.
• Exclusive access to our private Discord server.

$10.00 – That Which You Believe Tier –
• All the lower tier benefits and;
• Access to )O( Luna Whoticore’s private Skype account where you can offer suggestions, comments and just hang out with her and other fans.

$25.00 – Temple Scribe Tier –
• All the lower tier benefits and;
• Story Commissions w/a 10% discount. Your character utilized in one of our publications!

$50.00 – Ascension Tier –
• All the lower tier benefits and;
• One-on-one work on an epic-long story (more than 5 chapters) for as long as you remain on this tier. Work includes story & character development of 1-3 original characters of your choice.
(Because of the heavy work involved in the above perk, the benefit of “Your character utilized in one of our publications” is not included in this tier.)

The Dragonfly Temple Chronicles are about a family divided – the Whoticores lost the healing arts and the Solares lost the magickal arts. Their ancestress Whocate was about both and this is why the entire bloodline suffers.

This is a very rich and colorful world with something for everyone – magick, ceremonies, spells, romance, in-depth character development, intrigue, mystery, a dash of horror, excitement and pagans struggling to come to terms with their beliefs and just surviving in a world that fears and hates them.

Her story and her family’s story will be told and brought to the world, but this can only be done with your help. If you enjoy what I have shown you so far – and the previews aren’t over yet – then you will absolutely LOVE what is coming. I haven’t even scratched the surface.

I can’t wait to show you the world that has inspired my love and devout worship of the Goddess Whocate for over 15 years. As it is written in her sacred mysteries, “Her light is our Guide Across the Great Divide of Time now come and gone.”.

Come join us at Nocte Libri on Patreon.


)O( Luna