A calm meditation can help replenish the energy of the body, making up in a small way, for lack of sleep. Done properly, it grounds and centers the body and in turn, the soul, making it easier to tackle the demands and stresses of the day. I once walked into a room after a particularly good, deep meditation and a friend commented on how grounded, how calm I appeared – this after several days of stress and panic over moving and financial matters were eating me alive.

We all make excuses not to meditate, and then suffer the consequences when we do. Priorities can be hard to set the higher the stress level. I once heard a saying I always use when faced with planning a day without meditation. “When you are stressed, meditate. If you feel you are too busy and or stressed to meditate, meditate. If you are still stressed afterward meditating, meditate some more. If you are still stressed after that, you haven’t meditated enough.” This may sound like it would take all day if we followed such advice, so why not do the meditation – and do it right the first time? Get the effect you are striving for – which is to calm, ground and center yourself, then you can go about the rest of your day.

This post is not intended on how to do the meditation itself. It is here to get you used to the idea of making meditation, “me time”, one of the priorities not easily sacrificed to a day when you will need it most. We will explore techniques and suggestions for improving the quality of your meditation at a later time. Stay tuned and check back often.