Astrological reference guide reviews for 2022. More complicated than I thought.

Several years ago, I had done a simple video review of the Astro Moon diary – a beautiful lunar diary/calendar published by an English company called Astrocal. Rather than re-sing its praises year after year, I decided in late December to do a comparison of its wonderful features vs two other popular daily astrological diary/datebook/calendars. One of the other two I knew would be Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook 2022, but was at a loss for a third lunar diary to review.

I stopped at a local and relatively new store in the San Fernando Valley, California called, “Rock Paradise”. Only a couple years old, this store quickly proved to be a rock and crystal lover’s dream with their 6-ft tall amethyst geode spires and huge, but beautiful displays of raw crystals and stones as well as polished pieces perfect for crystal grid work as well as for magick and fashion.

rock paradise book and sage displayOver these short years, they have added to their stock of Pagan, New Age and Witchy guidebooks and angel and oracle card decks to the point where every month I go in, there is something new and beautiful that catches my eye and dents my pocketbook.

2022 Moonology Diary

Among their newest astrological and lunar offerings, was the perfect candidate for my third and final review, The Moonology Diary 2022 by renowned English astrologer, Yasmin Boland.

I had no idea at the time who Yasmin Boland was. Being in the United States and having never undertaken a serious study of astrology, I was clueless. Still, the cover of the book was breathtakingly beautiful and caught my eye, especially since it said it was a moon diary. After quickly flipping through it in the store, it never left my hands. I bought it and took it home, thinking this looks quite promising.

So, without going into how amazing and life-changing the Moonology diary has been for me manifestation-wise (a story for the next blog post, coming soon), I found the differences and comparisons between the three diaries were a little too complicated to go into via a simple article, so I created a spreadsheet.

The important takeaway for the purposes of this article is that each diary has a different level of usefulness and information depending on how new or advanced you are in the studies of the moon and the stars.

For example, only one of these diaries lists when it’s the best time to plant and harvest by the Moon (the Llewellyn’s Witches Datebook). 

For those that want to know the more complex workings of eclipses and retrogrades, the Astro Moon Diary has a comparison table showing when not just Mercury is in retrograde, but when all the other planets are in retrograde and where they overlap in 2022. Not to be left out, the Witches’ Datebook does list the other planets’ retrogrades, but in list format and it’s more difficult to see where one retrograde may overlap with the other.

On an aesthetics level, the Astro Moon Diary is breathtakingly beautiful! The cover and inside images for the month and seasonal/solstice celebrations are unparalleled amongst the three diaries. Not wanting to leave the Witches Datebook out, I do really enjoy the articles by their well-known authors each and every year.

Every diary has something magical and beautiful to offer your library, so if you have the $s to drop, I would suggest obtaining each one and referencing their information every day (or as often as you can). Your magickal knowledge and practice can only benefit!

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