Capricorn Solstice Circle

UPDATE – The time has been changed to 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time. I am still planning to be there. Hope to see you all as well!

Hello all. I hope everyone has been having a pleasant month, what with all the holiday activities and observances going on.

Having a Xian husband who doesn’t understand my beliefs, I’ve been looking around for some way to celebrate this season and it hasn’t been easy. Because of my political stance, the local Pagans I used to call friends have turned against me, though I still love them dearly. It has broken my heart that they call themselves witches (who are familiar with persecution and the Burning Times) and lovers of all creatures (yet they can still hate those that differ from their point of view) yet they cannot see what they are doing. So I walk alone, which in a sense, has always been my path, but now more than ever.

I finally found an online event not contaminated by such negativity and want to share it in case anyone would like to join me for it. The details are here in the attached image. In case you cannot pull up the image for some reason, I’ll leave the text version here as well.

Blessings to all this season. I thank the Goddess I have a place here as a sanctuary away from all the heartache we all have suffered these past few years!

)O( Luna Whoticore
High Priestess, The Temple of Whocate

Capricorn Solstice Circle

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The December solstice initiates on December 21st, 2021. The Gemini full moon peaked on the 18th, followed by Venus entering her metamorphic underworld journey and the direct motion of our celestial wounded healer, Chiron on the 19th.

Cardinal earth takes center stage with the sun, Venus, Pluto, Mercury (as of 12/13) all in the Saturn ruled material realm of Capricorn.

Capricorn has represented both the out-dated patriarchal energies that are fighting with their last gasps, as well as the natural authority of the wise elder, the ancient council of teachers, the strong yet loving crone/sage of the mountain, here to guide us firmly back onto our path.

This final solar cycle of the calendar year brings us a final square between Saturn (in Aquarius) and Uranus (in Taurus) on 12/24 and on the 28th, expansive Jupiter leaving Aquarius for Pisces, Mercury moving into Aquarius and moving into their first 2022 retrograde on 1/14- the new moon in Capricorn on 1/2, full moon in Cancer on 1/17, Neptune turning direct on the 18th, just as the nodes shift to Taurus/Scorpio the same day, all before the sun enters Aquarius on 1/19.

It is a lot for an already tense holiday season and end to another tumultuous year.

But if any sign can navigate the peaks, valleys, inclines and descents of the above and below worlds, it is Capricorn.

Join our circle, live or via replay, to harness the energies of the cycle ahead, to uncover the blessings of Capricorn and the 10th house of the astrological wheel and choose the seeds that will lead us into the next chapter of our personal and collective story.

All bodies welcome, this is a donation based virtual offering. Please DM or comment for the zoom link or with any questions. Have a journal, pen, comfy space to move and rest, as well as large (at least palm sized) stone- maybe one that you invite to join you from nature between the 12/18 full moon and 12/21 solstice…