Envisioning the world of Whocate through music

The latest mad inspiration to creating the world of Whocate and House Whoticore came from a source that had not come to me in a while – the world of music. Music has always fueled my imagination and been an inspiration for new scenes in my stories. Tracks that seems to be the backdrop to a scene as if in a movie playing out in my mind enhance my writing and take it to depths not attainable before.

I ran across spotify.com (an online music player) a few weeks ago and created a playlist with Between Interval’s breathtaking album “The Edge of a Fairytale”.¬†Interval has¬†become my new, favorite creator of electronic ambiance music – and that is an honor I have not given an album since 2001’s debut of Patrick O’Hearn’s incredibly beautiful album So Flows the Current.

My love affair with Between Interval happened slowly as I kept the music playing softly in the background while I worked on my day job clients. It was when I was driving or writing other scenes when I had a good quality sound system behind the music, that scenes unfolded to the haunted ambiance that exists at The Edge of a Fairytale.

So, to get the full feel of the scenes you are reading, turn on your speakers to play each page’s background music, turn the volume down so it plays softly in the background and let it transport you into the world of the MoonWitch…