Branching out and Discord

Hi everyone, Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week and your weekend is cooler. Here we are going to be back in the low triple digits, so I am planning on hiding indoors as much as I can, sneaking out only to walk in the morning and evening and grab an icee and that’s about it.

I’ve been working like a maniac behind the scenes the past two weeks, hoping to offer more content and bang for everyone’s buck as far as the Patreon account. It occurred to me that over the years of my writing and being generally fannish, I have amassed a ton of content and various, eclectic skills in content creation such as writing (being the topmost purpose in life), but also having branched into cosplay, beadwork & jewelry-making, podcasting, video editing, memes and icon making.

I’m sure some if not all of this insanity appeals to most of you out there. In fact, I know it does because I’ve shared so much of this wonderful life with you all. So now I want to share it all here and let it all loose into the world so it can be a source of free-range happiness for more than just myself and my cohorts who’ve worked on these projects along the way.

The linchpin to enjoying this additional content to the fullest will be my new Discord server platform tied in to Patreon. The Discord server is called Nocte Libri and is now in beta testing and available to all Patrons in the $5.00 and higher tiers.

At the moment, this new content will include two new categories on the Discord server. They are –

  • King Sombra (from the Hasbro/My Little Pony franchise). It will include not only my writing, but also my cosplays, plushie-obsession, toy collection and other general nonsense surrounding My Little Pony.
  • Second Geekhood which will include everything else thrown into my Vortex of Happiness. Here you can look forward to a hodgepodge of Doctor Who Podcasts (which we did for 3 years), Star Trek, Star Wars and anything else we’ve been inspired to have fun with or make fun of over the course of a lifetime.

If you would like to be part of this often random, always highly entertaining swamp of fannish sustenance, let me know in the comments or via a personal message wherever you saw this post and I will send you an invite to the server.