Copyrights and Credits

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Image Credits

Background without dragonfly is noted in image as being by “kartandtinki1”. A Google search was done on 10/3/19 for this artist to obtain permission to use their artwork and was unsuccessful. This included searching deviant art for an artist of the same name, but no such image was discovered.

“” is a watermark that was imprinted at the bottom of the image when I first obtained it, but this website has been taken down as of the same date.

Album cover Stellardrone - Light Years

Background Music Credits

“Stellardrone” – from the album, “Light Years”. Permission for use is noted on the album Bandcamp’s homepage is as follows: “Stellardrone is a pseudonym of amateur composer (Edgaras, b.1987, Lithuania, Vilnius) who started creating music in 2007. Releasing all albums for free and promotes free sharing of digital copies.” To be sure, an email confirmation of this permission was obtained 9/30/19.