Celebrating with Music and Song

Inspired by my initiation at Candlemas one year with my old coven, I started an archive of songs and lyrics of those songs sung by Pagans. While I am no longer in that coven, I still love these joyous, seasonal songs. Where I have found a source for the lyrics, I link back to them. Enjoy!

Songs –

Circle Round the Fire

Circle round the fire
to raise a cone of power
to bring what we desire
So Mote it Be!

Weave the magic by the moonlight
Dance the circle all night long!
Weave the magic by the moonlight
Dance and sing the witch’s song!

Kuate leno leno mahote

Kuate leno leno mahote
Hayano Hayano Hayano

We are one with the infinite sun
Forever, forever, forever

We’re in tune with our sister the moon
Forever, forever, forever

Lyric found here.

Leaper in the Corn

Horned One, lover, son
Leaper in the corn
Deep in the mother
Die and be reborn.

Lyrics found here.

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